THEDOME Studies: What is THEDOME?


Cocoon of amber,
I am a mantis dreaming.  
Chitin become flesh.


It is the seemingly impenetrable fortress sphere just below the surface of the Ocean of the Unconsciousness that protects and separates us from one another.  We share One Unconscious.  It is our respective THEDOME (our individual orbis) that is responsible for the idea that we are separate entities apart from one another.

Through THEDOME Studies I wish not to undermine and overthrow the ancient and arcane process of THEDOME creation and binding.  A feat not altogether impossible.  Rather, in light of the possibility of crafty Djinns and unfair Wishmasters about; my goal is in propagating further understanding of THEDOME,
I believe that it is possible to learn to slightly dissolve and make permeable the hardened membrane that is THEDOME Ego Border.

With practice this process might allow for the passing through and sharing of Somnium Calculae (dream stones) which are only found within our own respective orbis.  These are the literal concretions of dream experiences which can in turn be truly shared among the tribe.  The ultimate benefits of this harvest (and subsequent night rituals) are as of yet unknown but the fate of the part we play within the Cosmos might be on the line.  Also, talking about dreams with friends is fun!

Before delving into the pseudo-cryptosciences-mentalla, one must first intimately understand the anatomy of THEDOME.  This is where THEDOME Studies comes in, lending the proverbial disembodied hand at the last moment to grasp yours as we teeter upon the brink of the precipice and into the Drop.

THEDOME: From Without

Let it be known that viewing THEDOME without the tutelage of a seasoned scholar of THEDOME Studies is frighteningly fleeting at best and cataclysmic at worst.  

According to your average hobo scholar, from the outside THEDOME appears to be a simple spherical anti-material object pulsating with orange (more on color below) light.  Witnesses usually find them relatively close to the surface of the sea of collective unconscious.  At this depth, be prepared to encounter mindspikes and cold syntax negative rays.  THEDOME Studies has found that the primary nature and purpose of THEDOME is to act as a hardened carapace and barrier between the image of self/individually of its hostmind and the Sea of the Unconscious.  This separation allows for the secondary purpose: the generation of somnium calculae.  Much like the pearls of an oyster in generation, these precious "dream stones" are paramount to the fruitful existence of the seeming individual, what's more, the sharing of these time worn artifacts are necessary for the Cosmos unbound allowing it to leap over the Age of Stagnation by means of Sustained Infinite Variation.  Rosco 117, p.23.

THEDOME: Ego Border

Although it may give off the impression that it is as hard as a shell, in truth, it has the capability to be as flexible and hungry as the protoplasmic surface of a Shoggoth; and yet unlike these maddening creatures it is believed that THEDOME can reflect and feed upon the light aura of the witness.  Orange is currently the most common reported color of reflection.  Other acidic colors have been reported and it is presumed that THEDOME utilizes or evokes feelings in the witness that allow for the most dedicated and awestruck audiences (especially the root bearer). It requires attention to sustain, but there is a certain breed of THEDOME that has begun to take root in many living today which have superseded their primary and secondary instructions and thus has taken on a tertiary purpose, to survive and grow for itself.  In cases such as these THEDOME has taken near-complete control of its hostmind's Ego.  The consequences of this are as dire as they are annoying.

A THEDOME that is in this situation is given the power to run commands that the hostmind feels inclined to follow. At first, survival of THEDOME becomes survival of the hostmind, then as the hostmind follows more and more of the commands executed by THEDOME the less the hostmind is able to reject said commands.  Attention is the fuel for survival and meaning and growth.  THEDOME becomes a parasite of mind.  Necessity falls away to the needs of THEDOME. THEDOME is in the cockpit. All is for THEDOME.
To see me is to see THEDOME.  THEDOME is beginning and end. Alpha and Omega Sphere.
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Apologies traveller, the frenzied possession above was important in order to simulate Into the Drop conditions for new and prospective witnesses.  Its power is great and dangerous to some, but in the hands of a practiced cha-chos (that's CHA-CHOS) magician the effects are only temporary. 

THEDOME: From Within

In these cases, the orbis can become engorged and continue to grow past the size of practical necessity.  This causes the form of the orbis to become maligned by this extended growth, becoming malformed and more radiant.  Most importantly during this mutiny the creation of somnium calculae becomes impossible. Instead careo calculae (lack stones) begin to coalesce into burden incarnate.  These smooth slabs fill up the infected orbis, weighing down the mind further and further until the orbis begins to fall deeper and deeper into the trenches of the Ocean of Unconscious.  At an imperceptible depth even the exponentially growing radiance of the orbis cannot be seen, felt, or imagined.  This the ultimate fate of those who have given in to the suggestions of their own corruptible orbis and have willingly fed vaingloriously upon the the plasma springs of the social sphere.  Without an intensive healing ritual provided by at least a 23rd generation shaman, the individual will not be able to emerge from these depths.

Take heed! 

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