In The Beginning...

There was only Flo'bo. They lay dormant in ages past.
When the stars are right, the Flo'bos will assemble their numbers and travel across the void.
Laying weird waste to all who encounter them, as it is foretold by the Octopus Orb.

Guided by strange prophecies
I, Frank Rangoon, ventured deep into the lands of Char in search of one of the seven lost Orbs.

Shall I enter the Fire Caves and test my platforming skills under pressure?

It is done! The Hot Orb has been unearthed from beneath the subterranean domain of Heat.

The gravity of the room increases to near intolerable levels as the arcane sphere begins to become unstable. Spilling forth ancient glyphs of alien abstractions and raw symbolic furies begin to assault the barriers of your mind. You can almost put a concrete form to it. You must!

A message reveals itself:

Let it be known, as We are the antennae of a new dimension
In the spaces between the cracks nests the creature within
Expose -the self- to -the FREQUENCY- bask in our numbers
Our Numbers...

Find your Carapace, and [unintelligible]
For your hive-body will require bug-like protection from the resonant blast

The sounds of a million sarcastic screams in turtle ecstasy replaces the electric hum of the city night.

And the stars will scream again
The Flo'bos will reign
They comin'

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