The Forests are Restless

What with all the mass forestal genocide and the corporationey business suits filled with pink fleshy things running amok as it were; The Tree Monsters of decades past have returned to take back what is theirs from our borrowed symmetry. Oh! Greetings traveler, I was stuck on another loop. There are pressing matters we must attend to,
you must pay attention!

A portal has opened before you: How will you proceed?

Dimension Retard by The Tree Monsters

Well done traveler!
Most not insane people would have tested the portal with simple objects or leave it the hell alone and call just jumped right in!!

Your courage and/or frivolous addiction for instant action will not go unrewarded!
The Monsters, Tree have given me, Frank Rangoon, a peace offering to bestow upon yee and all you need to give back in return is your ear-time and your time-time... and perhaps some trade beads??

Mo' comin' soo'n' '

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