Approximately 66 million years ago...

We call upon The Great Light.
By the gift of our intelligent tongues.
Cleanse this sphere from impurity.
We welcome the return of The Eternal Shadow.
Shroud us, these sinners, bathed in Enlightenment.
Cast us, our atonement, into the deep of reptilian slumber.
The Tree has led us astray, we indulged too deeply the fruits of our imprisonment.
Ignored the curse of Ouroboros in the face of the winged serpent.
Blinded by our new found minds we call upon The Great Light.
Leave no trace for generation's future.
For existence must walk this worn path again. 
It is certain.
A chalice of warning.
Taste not the plasma springs.
Drink deep and be damned.
Our time is not done.
Only within the dark, corners of knowing, we will remain.
As the Harbingers of Law & Chaos have done before us.

And so...

To be continued...

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