Space Madness or At the Edge of Sleep Paralysis

a mutation has occurred here
Just another sonic glob of the past.  Captured within an imperfect crystalline vessel. THEDOME.  Contact with THEDOME can result in the false belief that the witnessing mind has the raw strength to overcome and potentially crack THEDOME.  A worn anvil of self-serving psychic focus, THEDOME awaits this pattern of thought and has preemptively prepared a contingency for its inevitability.   Madness shrouded in the vestments of Truth.

Imagine your mind as a bazaar.  Shards of your Ego as a bustling network of merchants cutting towards you and often outlandishly offering their goods to you.  

What is it they offer and what is their price?  
Is it a barter system or is there a standard currency?

Feverishly, you stumble through the crowded marketplace surrounded by movement and ancient tapestries.  At every turn, welcoming robed arms outstretch in your favor.  The eye darts up to a mustachioed smile of jovial grandeur.  The smile of imminent transaction, wealth and sustained luxury.  A piece of your mind awakens to the seemingly endless repetition that is desperately trying to be set in motion.  With this new awareness-  

THEDOME hums beneath at imperceptible distances, poised. 

The scene changes, the streets are empty, the once vibrant market now blue-gray, a single entity's presence becomes apparent.  A transparent apparition of human condition at the apex of the horizon.  Heat waves blur out the intangible outline of what you guess might be its aura.  

It alone commands your attention.  You find yourself utterly captivated.  Compelled by a shared vision.  Paralyzed with fear.  The separation between soma and psyche is felt in waves of inaction. The body sleeps whilst the mind reels, powerless.  The dream state has become superimposed upon the foreground of the existence we define as waking life.  Strangely, the entity now feels not as an otherworldly humanoid, but human. One who has, undoubtedly, been born into the secret knowledge of the supernatural incantations of the Alû.  Under the guise of false eternity, it metaphorically stands confident at the threshold between sleep and wakefulness and literally appears to exists just inside the door to your bedroom.  This fleeting image fades fast with the forceful emergency re-connection that the mind wills and the body responds to.  

The spell is broken, but only for the time being. 

Wake up.  

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  1. THEDOME, "Il Duomo," or "AT field" in the tongue of the seraphim, hides polished calculae of inestimable somnambulant value, deposited here in the oscillating riverbed of these "flo"bo frequencies by the glacial deposition of millions of years of monkey brains, now recently washing up upon Newton's great shore of potential, by the tricky flickerings of potential differences in the metal, optical, and silica "neurons" of the great world-brain, which we have built as an Echo of our monkey minds so as to venerate Narcissus--though how we have not rejected our carnality, as he did, but instead reflected it! Echoed it! Celebrate the whip! For every rose has its thorns. And THEDOME opens like such floral mandalas if the testimony of one T. Mckenna can be believed, which sadly, perhaps it should not.